KCM Quality Standard

We at KCM, promote the highest standards of ethics, accountability, management and operations, and facilitate adherence to these standards for bringing in more excellence and value into our organizations. Strong ethics and accountability code-Standards for Excellence – with the resources needed to achieve the highest standards have long been assuring our coworkers, subordinates and bosses to support each other toward common goals of success; reach for excellence and show that we are not satisfied with anything less-than-our-best.

* Improving the customer perceived value of our products/services, processes and people.
* Improving our efficiency in performing the business activities.
* Cost effective business models for our customers as per their needs by developing unique processes and procedures for consistent performance.
* Analyzing and refining functions with focus on improvement in delivery quality, cost and productivity to benefit our customers.

KCM Management is committed to the integration of quality principles into our management systems. We have established a clear Quality and embedded it in our Business Units.

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