Roof Treatment / Water Proofing

We have highly qualified and experienced professionals who have expertise in Terrace Waterproofing. Roof Terrace Waterproofing Service provided by us is of international standards and done with additional care by our expert workers. We take care of all the pre-requisites before undertaking the waterproofing of the terraces. They undertake Terrace Waterproofing Treatment bearing in mind the exact requirements of customers and market trend that always distinguish us in the industry from our competitors.

Waterproofing is the combination of materials or system which is designed to prevent water entering or escaping from various sections of a building or a structure. Water proofing system on the roofs get deteriorated due to weathering effect, and may become ineffective due to development of cracks/bonding/disintegration of waterproofing material etc.

Repairs or maintenance must be done systematically and timely

  • Inadequate maintenance leads to further deterioration of the structure
  • A proper scheme should be made to undertake repair and rehabilitation work using suitable materials aided by construction chemicals
Antenna Mounts

In the telecommunications industry, quality installations mean better coverage. Our customers demand the best and we give it to them. Our crews are constantly undergoing the latest industry training and learning about the latest technolgies. In addition, our antenna and line crews are certified by all major transmission line manufactures for quality installations. We staff full-time testers and keep them on-site to ensure a high-quality final product for our customers.

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